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Thank you to everyone who participated, you all did such a wonderful job it was not easy to choose. 
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Grand Prize Winner: Carlos Reyes


From Carlos:
"My name is Carlos Kelvin Reyes and I am currently enrolled at the University of North Texas as a Fashion Design major.

When I’m not at school I have two jobs at the moment, a barista trainer at Starbucks and an associate at Zara. This leaves me little wiggle room for my art, but when I get started on a project I can’t rest until it's complete.

I am heavily inspired by the Renaissance artists and the classic beauty that came about during the Baroque period, most specifically Hellenistic art. Much like the classical works, I focus on the despair and drama of the human form. Exaggerated expressions and dark emotions are elements that I try to express through my art."

About his piece inspired by the photography of Irvin Rivera:
"This piece titled “False Saint” was first just a sketch translated into chalk pastel. Building this sculpture from just a sketch was just as challenging as it was exciting. Materials used were wood, metal and plaster as a base, clay molded to create the facial expression in which I used my own face as a reference. The pillar it rests on is hand-painted. Lastly and most importantly was the black chiffon and iron halo.

As a religious person I try to take an unbiased approach to my art, especially when its something with religious significance. This piece was essentially meant to represent a person whom believed themselves to be a saint, but in the end were sunken into despair or ‘hell’ after the Final Judgment. I feel this to be very relevant during todays times, religious followers/ politicians/ leaders or anyone whom believes they are righteous in their ways but fail to see how corrupt they are."

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About Cheryl:
Cheryl Lo is a handcraft artist and fashion designer who truly enjoys the art of creating.  She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Francisco.  Through the years, she has added new skills and knowledge.  Cheryl draws inspiration from nature, connections, and dreams.  She values the importance of reusing, repurposing, and to create the least amount of waste possible.  Cheryl’s nerdy side enjoys learning and exploring new mediums.  As she begins her new business Sewful Cheryl in Ruckus Makerspace, she believes in empowering people to look and feel amazing by bringing fashion ideas to life.

About her piece:
"When I first saw Irvin Rivera’s beautiful image, I was struck by Melanie Gaydos’ ethereal energy.  She made me think of an earthly angel, a vulnerability, and sense of knowing.  There was so much to this image.  It started where I really wanted to capture this feeling of emergence.  There was a lot to do with harmony, going through a journey, and gaining a stronger self.  I felt called to add layers, textures, and colors to capture all that it invoked."

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From Mongkieu:
"My name is MongQ Tran. I am a sales and marketing manager by day and a dream chaser by night. After obtaining my BS in Marketing and Communications, I pursued my curiosity in fashion design in Florence, Italy and New York City. Currently, I am working on launching my first collection in early Summer 2017. My dream is to bring value to people through the designs I create. In the meantime, I'm just another human trying to fall 7 times and get back 8."

About her process
"I was inspired by the melancholy beauty of Irvin Rivera's photograph and Michelle Hébert's beautiful craftsmanship. In Melanie Gaydos interview with 'What's Underneath Project,' she was asked 'When you you feel most vulnerable?' She answers, 'When I'm in love.'" 

If the inspired image speaks: "To love is to be vulnerable. Whether that is a person you can't let go, a craft you have yet mastered, or a passion that seems so far away, I think choosing to pursue who you love or what you love takes a lot of courage and bravery. But through the fog and darkness, that is where you find the rarest of beauty." 

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