• How far in advance should I expect to purchase my gown?

We suggest you order your wedding gown at minimum six to eight months before your wedding date to avoid rush fees, as all gowns are special-order.

  • What if my wedding is in less than 6 months?

Select Michelle Hébert gowns can be purchased five to three months prior to your wedding however a rush fee may be incurred for an expedited delivery. 

  • Can we arrange a meeting before purchase?

Yes. Please use the contact form below, meetings & consultations can be arranged in person or over the computer or phone.

  • Why are dresses not available to purchase in the online shop?

Dresses are not available on-site as each piece is custom made as a special order. It would be difficult to achieve an accurate size, as well as accommodate for a bride's individual needs.

  • What is a special order &/or custom gown?

All of our bridal gowns are special-order, custom made for you based on the pattern size closest to your measurements and reflecting any changes to the design you have requested.

  • Price Range for Michelle Hébert Gowns?

The starting price for a custom Michelle Hébert Bridal Design is $2,500 -  $6,000. Our custom designs require a delicate hand and highly specialized work conducted by artisans with years of training. Each piece begins as a flat illustration and a roll of fabric, but soon, with hours of care and technique transforms into the dress you’ve been dreaming of.

Fine-Art Luxury options start at $6,000 and utilize higher quality materials while also allowing for more fittings & customization options.

Prices may vary depending on additional requests & rush delivery.

  • Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes. Upon request, Payment plans are available, and can be tailored to best suit the bride's needs. 

  • When should I schedule my first fitting?

We will contact you when your dress is ready for your first fitting between 12 - 16 weeks before your wedding.

  • What should I bring to my fitting(s)?

Bring the heels you will be wearing with your wedding dress, or heels of the height you desire. You will also need to bring any undergarments you are planning to wear.

  • How many fittings are recommended?

You will need 2 - 3 fittings minimum, additional may be needed. After the final fitting your dress will be steamed and packed in a garment bag for your convenience. 

  • What if I am out of town?

Contact us via the form below. We have worked successfully with out of town brides and no fittings. We will need exact measurements taken by a professional, and will deduct $300 - $500 from the gown's retail amount so as to allow for any tailoring needed closer to home.



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