2 Months of 2015 Down - 10 Left for Success


2 Months of 2015 Down - 10 Left for Success

Photo by Jamie Beck during NYC shoot with Florist Bess Wyrick of Celadon & Celery 

Photo by Jamie Beck during NYC shoot with Florist Bess Wyrick of Celadon & Celery 

That was a bold title, but I'm keeping it positive here. It's already been a positive new year.

Usually I complain time is going by too fast (and let's be honest, it always is), BUT for once I'm taking a moment to take in what has occurred since this new year began which is actually... quite a bit. :)

It started out a bit slow career wise. I had endured a somewhat discouraging experience in relation to this really massive Pop Star. I created sketches for this mini Holiday tour, and not much resulted and I sort of felt like I had exhausted all my efforts. *sigh* But on a positive note, I believe there is still hope yet.

But I let that go and suddenly things began falling into place~

Things I'm grateful for: 

- A supportive new player on my team: my hilarious and majestic boyfriend Micah McElroy, who began Grad School in NYC just shortly after we met, A.K.A. fashion capital of the world... this was not a reason for our union, but I am also not complaining.

- My friends (namely my main lady Sasha Garcia) whose generosity and thoughtfulness blew me away on my 24th birthday and caused me to cry a river of joyful tears. Also cried the days following. I cry a lot. (full thank you on it's way). <3: Sasha, Micah, Elizabeth Oh, Sang, David R, Marco, Krista, Alex & Brian, Kata, Kelsey, Krislam & Jay, Jourel, Aileen, Brandon C, Elisa, Devin, Bonnie, Marilyn, Jeff & Kemry, Stephanie & Will, Iris, Stacey, and Katie!

-Having insanely inspiring friends braver than I who inspire me to go beyond my comforts (looking at you my dear Peace Corps Volunteer Elizabeth Oh).

- A sudden surge of guidance and unexpected love from all places. Bess Wyrick genius florist behind Celadon & Celery, and a huge donator to my past Kickstarter campaign has recently been helping me in ways I can't fully express my gratitude for (except through making things happen for the time being). This incredible woman went as far as to take my dresses to NYC and have them shot with her friend and astounding fashion photographer Jamie Beck! She's one of the creators of the "cinemagraph" (seriously, wikipedia it!), and it is just mind blowing that that happened at all. Thank you Bess!!! <3

- Living with the plans of making a big move towards the end of the year. :)

- Getting my little Guinea Pig child Kibuu a new cage friend through Adoption! She's been in solitude since her sister passed away and I decided another lonely biggie could use company as well.

- Taking a leap of faith (after a few burns) and joining Showroom Joplin that not only houses my work but go above and beyond acting as an incredible support! Co-Founder Ali Heiss walked with me to visit production facilities and Co-Founder Stella Simona constantly gives me marketing/branding advice (which definitely takes time and these two ladies are busy). 

- Being strong in my convictions and confronting something that has been this bit of lingering negativity in my life for half a year now. This was and is currently tough, but I stand by my expectations of people, and I expect honesty, genuine respect, and for people to stick to their word.

- A Secret collaboration between two awesome jewelry designers Zoe Cope & Ashley Laggase living up in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco *REALLY excited about how this will manifest itself*

- Nearing the end of my 'How to Make a Dress Book' with Graphic Designer Extraordinaire Krislam Chin. Many hilarious coffee dates have been had to get to this point. There was also lots of cake. Energy = Caffeine + Sugar.

- Being in a book! Thanks to Bri Seeley, I'm in her collective read, The 'Inspirational Woman Project'! :)

- Making Lingerie happen :) Talking to Pattern-makers, Graders, and a Production house to make this a reality~

- Found out my really friendly and happy doorman who I've passed and said "hello" and "thank you" to for the past few months used to work in production for 10 years! He gave me guidance (while I was in my pajamas) an hour before I had to run off to meet with a production facility. He offered his advice to me whenever I may need it.

-Feeling a surge of productivity and positivity, hence this blog happening :) (yay)

-And just more and more surprises falling in my lap as the days go on! Past friends/industry connections reappearing, making new friends who are just strangely exactly whom I needed to meet. Serendipity at it's finest!



ANYWAYS, there is a lot I could go on about, and I probably will in another post. :) 

This has been an incredible new year, to the point I'm eager and a bit scared of the future. I know obstacles are unavoidable, but regardless of any trials to come, I expect a lot of things to start looking up :)


Be back soon,


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